Welcome to the website of our beautifull villa on the island Kythira (Greece)

Kythira is an island with a lot of faces and names. This beautiful Greek island is know under the names: Kythira, Kythera, Kithira, Kithera, Cythira, Cythera en Cerigo. Cottage Rental

A piece of virginal Greece, that’s how you could describe the island Kythira. Fallen in love with the beautiful small bays, the friendly people, the wonderful nature and sunshine only to be found on a Greek island.

For a while now, we have a beautifully renovated authentic Greek home on this wonderous island. It is authentic but complete with all the modern luxuries. The house is situated on a hill in the village Strapodi.

On this website you’ll get an impression of Kythira and our villa. Please, contact us if you have any questions.

Holiday greetings,

Ben & Malika Gagel