The island


Kythira is situated under the Peloponnesos and has an area of 284 square kilometers. It has a population of more than 3000 people spread over the many small picturesque villages of the island. During the festive and holiday season the island becomes livelier as the families of the villagers come to visit. One of the festivities, which is widely celebrated here, is Orthodox Easter. This festivity is filled with processions, fireworks and roasted lamb.

The scenery offers a lot of variety. It is full of hills, steep declines, rough bare landscapes, forests, green oases with springs and waterfalls, small bays and long stretches of beach. For the bird lover it is definitely a must to bring along binoculars! This fantastic area provides wonderful and unforgettable hiking possibilities. You can of course discover these routes yourself. For the less adventurous under us, you can purchase special hiking books in Kythira (available in both German and English).

Spread over the entire island, there are many historical sites which can be visited. Especially Byzantian churches and monasteries, with interesting frescoes, are definitely worth the visit! A definite must see is the Venetian fort in the capital Chora, which offers a panoramic and breathtaking view of the bay of Kapsali.